Set Times: Friday – 12:00AM-1:00AM
Saturday – 4:20PM-5:45PM (Head Nod set)

Detox Unit is quickly gaining notoriety within the underground bass music scene for his impeccable execution in both his live performances and studio creations. In 2015 he began releasing some live performances and the bass scene quickly took note. Over the course of the past few years, Detox Unit has developed an instantly recognizable sound. Known for his perfectionist-like execution, each note is meticulously thought out in regard to the composition of the work as a whole. It’s impossible to catch a poorly timed transition or misplaced tone in his work. Layers of sound build upon one another to create a fully immersive listening experience for fans.

Detox Unit’s work spans further than the audio composition — his music creates an experience that explores uncharted territory within the electronic space. Detox Unit is developing sounds previously unheard — his findings are akin to discovering a work of art created by other-dimensional beings.

Ellie Herring, 303 Magazine